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Furniture Selection: Select furniture pieces for developed layout; incorporate Client’s existing furniture pieces; Designer and Client shopping for new and antique pieces. Draw floor plan for each room; determine furniture scale and rug dimensions.

Accessory Selection: Select artwork and framing, plants, lamps, pottery; incorporate Client’s existing accessories; hang artwork; placement of accessories, set up bedding.

Interior and exterior paint color consultations.


  • Blueprint Review: Review the Client’s plans to insure proper space planning furniture layout planning, identify any aspect that does not lend itself to good design.

  • Builder Specification: Hinge finish, outlet color, exterior and interior door design, crown and base moldings, mirror frames, wainscoting, stairwell design, wall textures.

  • Exterior Finishes: Select exterior masonry, architectural accent, paint colors, exterior doors and windows, front door, front door hardware

  • Plumbing Fixtures: Select all faucets, shower heads, lavatories/sinks, toilets, tubs, drains, and bath accessories.

  • Appliances: Select refrigerator/freezer, under counter frig/freezer, dishwasher, oven, stovetop, microwave, washer/dryer, wine refrigerator, garbage disposal, etc.

  • Interior Paint and Stain Colors: Select main wall and trim color, secondary colors, main cabinet color, secondary cabinet colors, gloss intensity.

  • Tile Selection and Countertops: Select floor, countertop, shower wall, backsplash, molding, pool tiles; design and draw layout of tiles; select granite and marble slab, synthetic marble, laminate, specialty countertops; oversee installation to ensure design is correct.

  • Flooring: Select all carpets, wood flooring, exterior verandahs, and specialty flooring (concrete, brick veneer, etc.).

  • Fireplace Facings: Select travertine, wood, cast stone etc. mantles: design surround layout: dimension.

  • Cabinets: Select door/drawer style, actual layout (file drawers, built-in dividers, etc.); selection of any detail, (fluting, columns, etc.); closet design.

  • Lighting Fixtures: Select all chandeliers, hanging lights, wall sconces, fluorescent lighting, closet lighting, accent and under counter lighting, ceiling fans, exterior lighting; selection of all finishes and glass; review lighting layout (recessed cans, wall washers etc.) Insure proper lighting for artwork.

  • Hardware: Select all door knobs, locksets, cabinet pulls and knobs; finish selection, bath accessories.

  • Faux Finish and Wallpaper: Select paint colors and sample board for faux finish and/or wallpaper selection.

  • Wrought Iron Railings: Design and select finish.

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We are experienced in new construction spec homes and flip properties. Let us work through the design details, make fixture and finish selections, and put them all in detailed specifications for you to put out to bid and implement. We have worked with a full range of price points on our investment property projects.



An initial consultation is offered at an hourly rate to meet your immediate design needs, as well as your long term plans. Please contact us for our current rates and services offered.

During the Initial consultation we will:
Walk through the space to be designed/furnished, review inspiration images together (Pinterest, Photos, etc.), discuss priorities and devise a game plan!

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